Slide Transfer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The questions below reflect inquiries we have received about our services. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please get in touch with us either via e-mail or telephone. Our contact information can be found in the "contact" section.

About our service:

How is your slide transfer service different from others?
One of our main differences is in the equipment we use. Other slide transfer services may perform the transfer by projecting your slides onto a screen using a conventional projector, and then taking a digital picture. Instead, we use a slide scanner specifically designed for scanning 35mm slides. This scanner does not first project the image onto a screen. Instead, it is digitized directly. This provides a much better transfer of your slide to a digital format.

I do not own a computer. What are my options for viewing the transferred slides?
You can request a photo montage video DVD or Blu-ray Disc. This DVD or Blu-ray Disc will display each of your slides for about 4 to 5 seconds before moving onto the next slide. This photo montage video DVD or Blu-ray Disc can be played on any standard DVD player or Blu-ray player.

What is the difference between the various graphics file formats you can provide the slide transfers on?
Although we can provide transfers to various graphics file formats, the most common are TIFF and JPEG. The TIFF format is an uncompressed bitmap format, which means that the slide image file is a bit-for-bit representation of the scan. This format provides a lossless representation of the slide image, and is recommended if you may want to do additional post-production manipulation of the file, such as expanding the image size for a large poster. However, TIFF files are also very large (multiple megabytes per file), and are not practical for everyday viewing. The JPEG format allows for the slide image to be stored in a compressed manner, significantly reducing the file size. However, JPEG provides a lossy compression, which means that some noise may be added to the slide image when it is uncompressed for viewing. However, this is not a concern for most daily viewing uses, as this noise is far below the detection threshold of the eye. We recommend that you select a JPEG transfer for most common uses, such as viewing the slides on a TV or computer monitor.

Can you transfer my slides to a graphics file format other than TIFF or JPEG?
While TIFF and JPEG graphics file formats fulfill the needs for most of our clients, if you have a special need for a different file format we can work with you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What do you charge for the transfer?

Our rates are:

Transfer to TIFF format (per slide):
Transfer to JPEG format (per slide):

You can obtain an estimate of your job by using our estimate calculator.

About your slides:

My slides have been stored in an attic for many years, and I notice that the color seems to be off on them. What can you do?
We do color and brightness correction to your slides. In most circumstances this will bring back your image to it's original colors and brightness. This can also correct minor defects on the film media such as scratches and dirt. This will only be done if it looks like it will improve the slide.  For an example of the difference between the original scan and a color corrected slide you can check our our slide sample page. 

Is there a possibility that my slides can not be transferred?
This is always a possibility, depending on the condition of the slide. We will do our best to do the transfer. If we can not transfer it due to prior damage we will let you know.

Do you censor subject material?
No, but if you have a question about what you want to have transferred please send us an e-mail or give us a call. We will try to work with you on all transfers. We will not transfer material that considered illegal in nature.

About your order:

How do I get my slides to you?
We highly recommend that you use courier service with a way to track your slides sent to us (for example: Fed Ex, UPS or DHL). Using a trackable courier service enables the confirmation of receipt of your order. Please ensure you properly pack your films to ensure safe transit. Your order will be returned via Fed Ex.

How should I package my slides?
We suggest you pack them in a large enough box to add bubble wrap to protect them so they are not damaged during shipping. If you slides are already in a slide carrousel you can ship them in the carrousel. Please allow enough room to enclose your DVD or the media you chose when we return your order.

Do I need to give you a description of what is on the slides?
If you have requested the photo montage video DVD or Blu-ray Disc we ask that you provide a description of the slides so we can properly title and chapter the media. You can do this when filling out the order form. Please see the demonstration on our web site for examples of titles and on-screen descriptions/sub-titles.

Should I number my slides?
Yes, it is nice for your family history if the slides are provided in a numerical order of some kind. If your slides are in a container, leave them in the container.  If there are numbers on the container there is no need to number.  It not then you would need to indicate where the slides starts. If you do not know the order we will try to determine a logical order for the transfer.

Will you notify me when you receive the slides?
Yes, if you provide an e-mail address or telephone number. We will advise you when your slides are received, when we begin the transfer process, when the transfer process is completed, and when the order is shipped. We will provide the tracking number.

What if I want extra copies?
On the order form you may indicate that you want to order additional copies. 

How long will it take for me to get my slides back?
Transfers will usually take about 4 weeks, unless it is a really large order. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate, especially if you have a very large order.

Is a deposit required?
Yes, we require a deposit of $40.00 to begin any order if shipping. This fee can be waived if paying by credit card. This is also our minimum charge.