Slide and Photo Scanning Services

Do you have a lot of 35mm slides or photographs from vacations and family gatherings past? Have you lost track of your projector? Now you can have all your slides or photographs scanned to a data DVD, Blu-ray disc, hard drive or UBS stick and you can enjoy them again on your computer! No need to hunt down the projector or put up a screen the next time you want to take a trip down memory lane. Please note that in order to view the images from a Blu-ray disc on your computer you will need to have a Blu-ray drive.

We use a high-end scanner specifically designed for scanning 35mm slides. Our scanner uses a proprietary LED light source that protects your slides from high temperature while providing a true color light source. All slides are transferred digitally. They are not projected onto a screen. All color and brightness correction is done with the slide scanner software and is very effective. We also use a high end scanner designed for scanning photographs.  This is not a slide or photo restoration process.

Slides and Pictures

Rates for slides and pictures

  • Transferred to Tiff Format (per slide or picture $0.46
  • Transferred to JPEG Format (per slide or picture) $0.36
  • There is a minimum charge of $40.00.
  • Transfer includes color and brightness correction as needed. Transfer can be placed on a data DVD, Data Blu Ray Disc, USB Flash drive or USB hard drive.
  • USB Drive will be provided by Alamo Film Transfer at our cost.  If you wish to provide the drive it must be in an unopened box, sealed,1TB in size and PC compatible.

Note we no longer off a Photo Montage with background music.