Video Tape Transfers

Do you have precious memories taken on a camcorder, and no longer have the equipment to play them back? Are you concerned that repeated playings of your original video tapes may damage them?

We can help you with your tape transfers.  If you have a video tape in any of these formats, and would like to transfer it to another video tape format, hard drive, or to a more enduring DVD or BluRay Disc, let us know! 

  • Video Tape transfers:
    • VHS NTSC or PAL
    • S-VHS
    • VHS-C NTSC or PAL
    • Beta 1,2 or 3
    • 8mm Tape
    • Hi-8 Tape
    • Digital 8 Tape
    • Mini-DV NTSC or PAL
    • DVCAM
    • ¾ Beta
    • Betacam/SP NTSC or PAL
    • Betacam SX NTSC or PAL
    • MPEG 1MX NTSC or PAL
    • Digital Betacam NTSC or PAL
  • Straight transfer Rate $12.00 per tape. Rate is based on 1 hour of video per tape. For tapes shorter than 1 hour the charge is $12.00. For tapes longer than 1 hour the rate is $12.00 per hour based on the video length.  For example, if you tape is 1 hour and 30 minites the charge would be $18.00.
  • Edited transfer Rate $25.00 per hour of tape. Rate is based on 1 hour of video tape per tape. For tapes longer than 1 hour the rate is $25.00 per hour based on video length. Scenes that are shot at the ground or totally black with be removed, or any scenes with a proper description.
  • Video can be transferred to:
    • DVD
    • Data DVD
    • Blu-ray Disc
    • Blu-ray Data Disc
    • Customer-supplied external hard drive
    • Our provided hard drive at extra charge
    • Our provided memory stick at extra charge
  • A digital master can be provided for an extra charge
  • All DVDs and BluRays contain professional main menus and scene selection menus
  • All video tape is transferred in house

Take a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ) for a more in-depth explanation of our video tape transfer process. You can also use our Cost Estimator to get a quick estimate of your order.